Sunday, April 28, 2013

he lives in a world that as been separated through years of abuse

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some render setting I found online for C4D

here's the steps involved in order to keep Cinema set up with reasonably optimal settings every time:

To set up your render settings and scene:

1) File->New...
2) Render->Render Settings
a. General->Name (give any name you want for this preset).
b. Save->Depth set to 32 Bit/Channel
c. Antialiasing->Filter set to Sinc
d. Effects->Post Effect->Color Correction, set Gamma to 1.8/2.2
e. Effects->Post Effect->Sharpen Filter, set Strength to 10%
f. Options->Ray Depth, reduce to 6, Shadow Depth reduce to 6 (speed increase).
g. Save Menu (in render settings window, not Save Tab), Save->Save Render Preset
3) File->Save As... save in Cinema4D application directory as "new.c4d"

To set up your materials and lights:

1) Create a new material (Materials Manager File->New Material), then in the attributes manager...
a. Illumination->Model set to Blinn
b. Click on Color Tab again
c. Attributes Manager Menu : Edit->Set As Default, click Yes to confirm
2) Create a new light (Objects->Scene->Light)
a. Details->Contrast set to -50%
b. Details->Falloff set to Inverse Square (optional)
c. General->Shadow set to Shadow Maps (soft)
d. Shadow->Absolute Bias, uncheck
e. General->Shadow set to Area
f. Shadow->Accuracy set to 50% (speed up!)
g. Shadow->Maximum samples set to 64 (speed up!)
h. General->Shadow set to off
i. Attributes Manager Menu : Edit->Set As Default, click yes to confirm
And that's it. Now every time you create a new material it will be using Blinn as default, every time you create a new light it will have inverse square falloff and a better contrast, and every time you create a new scene it will have the sharper and unclamped AA, gamma correction and sharpen enabled by default, and hopefully this should help you improve the overall quality of the renderings you create.

Similarly to this you may wish to reduce the "delta" setting in several of Cinemas shaders by default and again use a "Set as Default" to store the sharpened up shaders so that next time you use them in your bump channel you will end up with suitably crisp bump maps
If you ever seen Mazinger Z then you know this guy is Boss Robot. I still have a lot of work to do on him but it was a good Sunday to play around on 3d.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

My little low poly toon house

A Hover droid I made for an animation I'm thinking about

Just something I was playing around with

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Super Absorbent

Here are the final renders. I am stumped for now. Will continue at a later time. maybe create a scene will all the characters in volved

Friday, March 15, 2013

I think the model is finished!

Toxic Shock

been working on my design..seems so simple but it's taking me a while to relearn the software. Still have more to do to it....I call it Toxic Shock

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3D toy creation

i created a plushie toy a few years ago and believe it or not have sold alot of them. I now have the oportunity to create them in vinyl or plastic and sell them. i have the model made. It definately needs tweaking. and although the model will be hand painted i want to creat the 3d image to reflect the original plushie i made for the packaging I am creating. thank you for looking

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Am I being unreasonable? #1

So I pay for my wife's car insurance and my name and hers are on the title. She lets her 18 yr old kid drive the car all the time to school and work. My concern is that the kid is not insured under us or on her own. Wife says is ok and I say its not. I also pay for gas for wife to drive not her kid who has two jobs and lives on her own...this causes fights because I dont agree! Am I being unreasonable?