Saturday, October 07, 2006

New puppet purchase

It's been a while since I have posted, not sure what route I want to go with this blog. I still want to make puppets and I have so many hobbies, but funds are low and life is getting hectic.

I found this guy at a local thrift shop. He is very well made, but for only $4.95 I couldnt resist buying him. The Company that actually sells these puppes is called Sunny Puppets, so check the link out if yu are looking to buy a puppet instead of making one they are originally $39.95. Each comes with a detachable arm rod. The few puppets I have made I always wanted to make them full bodied and this has given me a better idea on how to accomplish this task. Now to save some money and collect the items I need so I can create more new puppets for my collection.

If anyone still reads this and can offer any ideas of where this blog can go please email me and let me know. Thank You!