Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tattoo in Colorado Springs

While in Colorado Springs I was fortunate to meet a great group of friends, once I get some pictures I may post them here. One guy I will never forget is Jun, we decided to get a tattoo while we where there and found a place called Tatttoo America ran by a Vet named Bob. I got my kids names done in Japanese lettering and Jun got himself a geko in his arm. Maybe when he grows big and strong it will turn into a dragon like he had designed. Ha-Ha! Just wanted to share some pictures.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

What's up? Bitches! & Hot Wing challenge

While I was in Colorado Springs I had a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people. One guy at times greeted us with " What's up? Bitches!" although this may not make sense to most of you readers, I have uploaded an MP3 with him and I saying the same thing. If your phone uses mp3's as ringtones you are welcome to use it. The download link is at http://rapidshare.de/files/26034171/bitches12.zip.html
It is a zipped file and I am sure you know how to use it.

Also while I was there one of the guys decided to go to a Hot Wing restaurant and try and take on the challenge they offer. It is that you have to eat 12 of their hottest wings in under 6 minutes - the reward for meeting that challenge? A T-shirt from their establishment and a picture on their wall of fame. If interested check out this youtube video. Have fun!

Meet Johnson

I have been out of town for the last 6 weeks and before I left I had made one final puppet. Although I didn't have time to post it before I left, I had to get it on line the minute I had a chance after I arrived. Hope you like him.

Builder: Carlos @ http://video567.blogspot.com/Pattern: The Glorified Sock Puppet Pattern
Character: Johnson
He is a glorified sock puppet who resembles a snake. I tailored him after a used car sales man we had in colorado springs. He kept saying that he was prior military and that military takes care of military. At the time my wife was pregnant with our second child and he sold us this "reliable minivan". He keeps saying that military always takes care of military. Two days later the Van caught on fire in the middle of the highway. So you can see the resemblance on why I chose a snake looking character. He wears a button up shit and a tie and has his silver earing and rings, to look like he has money. He is a fast talker 30 year old, who is separated from the military due to a medical condition. Maybe he was separated from the military due to his tounge?

Technical: There where no deviations to the pattern, this is my second Glorified Sock Puppet Pattern, but the first one that has been completed. I used everything the pattern stated and did not deviate in any way. I found his clothes in a thrift shop and his rings came from a party store. His earing we had in an old jewrly box and decided to use them since no one here would wear them. His eyes are small ping pong balls and the black in his eyes where cut from some moving eyes I bought at michaels. - Carlos