Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Myspace link and logo

Since everyone has a myspace account I figured I would share my link with everyone. If you would like to add me as a friend click on the image or this link and let me know. If you like puppets , art, old trucks or anything in this blog I will add you.

Puppet Television

Puppet Television

With it's first episode "Chino's Arrivals", it gives puppet fans something new to watch on the internet. The material is not really kid friendly. There are many profane words used through the episode. I did enjoy the show, but would not let my children watch it. I am not knocking it in any way, there is no rule that all puppet shows should be for children, I only mention it if you are a parent to make sure you know what you are letting your children watch before hand. All in all good 1st episode, and it is to be continued. Check them out and you decide.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

'68 Dodge D100

dodge 68 may 06 (11)
Originally uploaded by jedilos567.

My Truck, washed and rims cleaned, plus I removed the topper it had on. (The bed topper is for sale BTW) It does have a lot of work to be done on it. it has a lot of rust on the bottom and the driver side door, where the hinge is at is rusted so its hard to open and close the door.

It is a pretty truck, I had received a PDF file with some truck views I opened it up in photoshop and made a new line drawing so I can start working on a paint scheme. I think I will leave it orange, but I will paint the top white and leave the rest orange. I plan on having a Puertorrican flag painted on the top of the roof like the General Lee, but all this after I get the rust removed. I also want t o lower it half way from where it is now and add Gull wing Doors.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another stop motion test ~Snake Eyes~

You can see it HERE if the embedding doesn't work

Just testing some more stop motion I did a while back. The end has the muzzle flash. It's very fast, but it was fun to put all the pictures together to make something move.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Jim Henson's Legacy

NMAH: Muppets and Mechanisms: Jim Henson's Legacy: "Muppets and Mechanisms: Jim Henson's Legacy

May 19, 2006-September 4, 2006, first floor west at the Lemelson Center and third floor west "

The products of Jim Henson’s imagination have reached across generations and communities with warmth, wild humor, and fantasy. They combine the razzle-dazzle of American popular culture with technological innovation. Henson’s work transformed both the art and the science of puppetry from the simple, cloth, hand-and-rod Muppets to the complex figures of the 1982 film The Dark Crystal, which used a remote-controlled system of movement called animatronics. The objects displayed on the Museum’s first and third floors represent two important eras and achievements in Henson’s extraordinary career. Whether it’s the fleece-and-foam zaniness of the Muppets or the intricate creatures of The Dark Crystal, his work exhibits a constant and enduring appeal.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Freevlog: Tutorial

Freevlog: Tutorial: "Welcome to Freevlog 2.5
A step-by-step guide to setting up a videoblog for free."

Now we are a bit more on subject. For those of you what want to start showing some of your puppet created videos this is great information for getting your video on the net. Since I am taking a trip soon and taking one of my puppets with me, I hope I have the opportunity to take videos on the road.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sweptline Restoration CD

Today I ordered this CD!

By: Jim Megee

Here is what Jim's CD offers:OVER 750 photos of his restoration process:

Over 40 easy to find repair sections, IE Doors, Rockers, Floors, Heater, Painting, etc. These sections have text captions to show how the repair was done.Jims 68 Dodge story, this is a 127 page story of the "why, when, and how his Dodge truck was repaired.Useful Dodge notes, Wiring schematics, Tools used, Many photos of original Dodge truck, ads, Hours and hours of reading!MORE!

You have to check it out. If you are into restoring old trucks, this has so much great information on how he restored his '68 Dodge. Luckily I also own a '68 Dodge and I think it will give me some good ideas for my truck. Although Money is tight on my side its a great reference to have for when I am working on my truck.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New version of my old drawing

A while back I had posted this POST about seeing if someone could re draw my old drawing of my friends. I had an awesome guy from The Muppet Central Forum hook me up and re-do the drawing. I wanted to share his work.

He was nice enough to send me the PSD file and I just changed the colors of the skin to make it match a little better to what our skin tones actually are. Here is my different skin colored version. I didn't make any changes other than the skin color.

I am very grateful and I think it looks 100% better than what I did back in 1995. Although I still want to redesign the animated version of us, I have been writing our story from when we where young and personally I think it would make a great cartoon or comic book. Maybe one day my drawing skills will improve and I will get to redesign them and eventually make 3D version of all of us.

I updated the image to add the names of who the characters are supposed to be.

He asked to remain anonymous, he knows what he did and I really want to say Thank You from the bottom of my Heart.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Digital puppetry

A few years ago I was playing with a program called Cinema 4D and since I was having trouble making foam puppets, I decided to make them in 3D. It was a lot more difficult, but it was a fun experiment. I wanted to post and share my attempts. I never did add bones to move him around, but thanks to a fellow C4D user he helped make the skin texture to make it look more like Muppet Fleece.

Another version of a puppet idea I had of a robot puppet. Never made it past the head, I guess I developed a creative block for a while.

Comments are always welcome.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


A few years ago we went to a fair in a town called Benton City and we saw someone selling this pet marionettes. We wanted to buy one but we didn't have that much money at the time. After coming home Sunday evening, we went through our craft box and noticed we had some scraps so we started sewing the body, we got some fishing line and some wooden sticks and created our own version of the marionettes they where selling at the fair. All in all they came out fairly good. If you ever have kids and some stick and fishing line you will know that after a few times playing with something like this, it will come tangled and a pain in the (you know what) to untangle. We made about 4 of them, but this where the only pictures we could find. It was so much fun playing with them that I am contemplating making another one in the future.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Not really puppet related, but... it could be

Looking for a truck the other day, so we can take our junk to the dumpster, we ran across this beast. It has a lot of rust and had an ugly topper on the back. We removed it today! What a heavy son of a gun it was. So, it will never win any beauty contests and with all the rust I don't know how much it can be salvaged, but we where thinking of doing the best that we could and I thought it would look great painted dark orange but on the hood have a puppet drawing bursting out of it. So if you follow my blog, and have any ideas please post them here. I would love to hear your opinions.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Old Failed Attempts

I was looking through CD's the last few days and I found some attempts I had tried making foam heads. It's amazing how close I actually was to making my first foam puppet. First I was using the wrong sized foam. If I would have started with 1/2 inch instead of one 1 inch, I would have probably would have been making puppets a lot sooner. It's too bad too because I felt so discouraged that I didn't try again until 3 years later. I was able to make new puppets using the Project Puppet pattern. Just wanted to show some of my trial and errors. I was trying to make a Fraggle Rock type puppet back then.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Puppet Tom

I am going to start posting weekly and maybe more if I have more to say, but I could not resist talking about this. If you visit myspace this guy needs to be in your friends list. Cool thing is that he is in the same state I am in and would definitely have to try to have him meet my puppet pals. His videos a pretty funny, you can tell that the people behind, or under Puppet Tom are having a great time.

I am working on a new puppet myself right now and this is what I envisioned when I started making my puppets to blog with them and share funny tidbits of my life. Check it out, if anything you will get a nice chuckle! "Puppet Tom"

Monday, May 01, 2006

My old Logo

Before I changed my online name to Bored @ Home Everything I did I would put "LOS" on it. I was making Video CD's of all my work and this little clip was in front of all my videos. Now that DVD's are more popular and a new name change I have to recreate a new intro video for all my work. I thought I share my old little creation. Although it is not so fancy I did have a great time making it...Now if creativity would flow a little smoother I would create a new one with my new on name. Gotta get that thinking cap on.