Saturday, April 22, 2006

Nose tutorial by Shawn Sorrell

Here is quick and easy way to make a nose out of felt.
First draw a circle on a piece of felt and cut it out. I used the bottom of a spray paint can here to draw my circle.
Then with a hand needle do what is called a gathering stitch around the outside of the circle. You can see how that is done in the image to the left.

You then place a bit of cotton or polyfill in the middle of the circle. The finished nose will be a bit smaller then the piece amount of filling you use since it will compact down. I always roll the polyfill in my hand into a bit of a ball to compress it a bit so the end size is closer.

You then pull the thread to gather the felt around the filler. The smaller the stitches you take in the second step the more creases you have but this will make your "nose" smoother in the long run. Once you have your nose you flip it over and hand stitch it to the puppets face. If you did not cut the thread you used to gather your circle you already have enough thread to stitch it on!

You can make other shaped noses using this same basic idea.
Information provided by: Shawn Sorrell on this forum and his website is located at


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