Monday, April 24, 2006

ZAC is finished

Pattern: The Rotondo Puppet Pattern
Character: ZAC
He is a monster puppet who has a pink Mohawk. He is a rocker, but also likes baseball and is on a local team. He is also 21 years old. Not only does he like Rock music, but he likes all kinds of music including Rap. He likes to go to the schools and loves the attention he gets. He steals the show every time.
Technical: There where no deviations to the pattern, this being my 3rd foam puppet, but most of the work was done by one of my children. Her first Puppet, so we did not change the pattern in any way. I helped her by putting final touches to ZAC, like sewing areas that she left open and gluing a few parts like the Mohawk. His coat came from a thrift shop and the fur was already purchased a few years ago for a previous project that was never completed. We used 1/2-inch foam for the body and head. The eyes where made from foam balls cut in half and the black in his eyes where cut from some moving eyes I bought at Michaels.


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