Monday, April 24, 2006


Pattern: The Rotondo Puppet Pattern
Character: Hoey
She is a monster puppet and has a weird sense of humor. She looks so innocent, but likes to play adult jokes, you would never guess she is 21 years old. She likes to shock people with her comments and gets people to argue with her all the time. She thinks she is never wrong and has to have the last word in everything she says.
Technical: There where no deviations to the pattern, this being my 2nd foam puppet I still don't have the confidence to change it around. I went to Walmart and purchased her fur, it was a bit pricey at $9.98 for the yard. Luckily I only needed 1 yard for her. Her dress came from a thrift store and she wanted a Disney design to fool people into thinking she is a nice monster. I used 1/2-inch foam. The eyes where made from foam balls cut in half and the black in her yes where cut from some moving eyes I bought at Michaels. I also found some doll eye lashes at the store that I cut to size and glued to the eye balls.


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