Thursday, April 27, 2006

MaMaMiA the finished 4th Puppet completed

Builder: Carlos's Oldest child @ The Rotondo Puppet Pattern
Character: MaMaMiA
She is a human puppet who has a brown shaggy hair and always wears a bandana to cover up her mated shaggy hair. She is a teenager who is very talented in the ways of cooking, she is also dating Zac the pink Mohawk puppet. She is very dramatic, loves to praise others and offers advice when people seek her, and mimics every one to lighten the mood.

Technical: There where no deviations to the pattern, this being the 4th foam puppet, but most of the work was done by one of my child. This is her first Puppet, so we did not change the pattern in any way. I helped her by putting final touches to MaMaMiA like sewing areas that she left open and gluing a few parts to the foam head. Her hoodie shirt coat came from a thrift shop and the fur for her hair was already purchased a few years ago for a previous project that was never completed and was also used on the Zac puppet. We used 1/2-inch foam for the body and head. The eyes where made from googoly eyes uses for home made dolls and the nose was an eye we cut open to use the black circle as her nose. - Carlos


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