Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New version of my old drawing

A while back I had posted this POST about seeing if someone could re draw my old drawing of my friends. I had an awesome guy from The Muppet Central Forum hook me up and re-do the drawing. I wanted to share his work.

He was nice enough to send me the PSD file and I just changed the colors of the skin to make it match a little better to what our skin tones actually are. Here is my different skin colored version. I didn't make any changes other than the skin color.

I am very grateful and I think it looks 100% better than what I did back in 1995. Although I still want to redesign the animated version of us, I have been writing our story from when we where young and personally I think it would make a great cartoon or comic book. Maybe one day my drawing skills will improve and I will get to redesign them and eventually make 3D version of all of us.

I updated the image to add the names of who the characters are supposed to be.

He asked to remain anonymous, he knows what he did and I really want to say Thank You from the bottom of my Heart.


Blogger ZaQ said...

Give us the names of the characters, so we know who they are.........

3:45 PM  

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