Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sweptline Restoration CD

Today I ordered this CD!

By: Jim Megee

Here is what Jim's CD offers:OVER 750 photos of his restoration process:

Over 40 easy to find repair sections, IE Doors, Rockers, Floors, Heater, Painting, etc. These sections have text captions to show how the repair was done.Jims 68 Dodge story, this is a 127 page story of the "why, when, and how his Dodge truck was repaired.Useful Dodge notes, Wiring schematics, Tools used, Many photos of original Dodge truck, ads, Hours and hours of reading!MORE!

You have to check it out. If you are into restoring old trucks, this has so much great information on how he restored his '68 Dodge. Luckily I also own a '68 Dodge and I think it will give me some good ideas for my truck. Although Money is tight on my side its a great reference to have for when I am working on my truck.


Blogger ZaQ said...

Let's see a pic of yours!

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